These Parents Raised Their Daughter To Think Harry Potter And The Wizarding World Is Real So Now The Internet Is Furious

“We have raised our almost 8 yr old daughter to believe she’s a Witch from an old Wizarding family,” this dad explained in a quick overview before getting into all the details.

“We’re looking for more sophisticated and creative ideas from the Harry Potter community to keep this thing going.”

“Since our daughter was 5 and my wife and I first started reading her the Harry Potter books we have told her that she is a witch and that the Wizarding World is real,” this dad said, getting into how this happened.

“She is almost 8 and as her questions have gotten deeper, we’ve kept building the illusion with more details about our family genealogy and its connection to book characters, stories about times we used magic (and the life and moral lessons we learned about it).”

“She has processed many difficult subjects like racism, climate change and even the (the virus) through this lens.”

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