This Dad Is Dividing Parents Across The Internet Over How He’s Encouraging His Son To Read

David admitted on Twitter that he pays his oldest son to read books, and for him that works.

We pay my oldest $1 every time he reads a book,” David shared in a Tweet.

“We’re talking 160 page chapter books. I’m out $120 this year and he thinks he’s ripping me off. Best investment ever.”

He then went on to say, “The second trick is: he has a strict bedtime, but can stay up late if he is reading books.”

That’s another interesting way he encourages his son to read.

Obviously, the internet had a lot to say about David’s ways of getting his son to read more. 

“I just heard an NPR podcast today that talked about the idea of paying kids to do things they should be doing anyway. It is a topic that’s been studied, basically, it removes the motivation to do the task. So once you stop paying them, they won’t do it anymore,” one person commented.

“Artificial incentives. This kills the joy of learning. Makes it transactional. Please try to teach the joy of learning instead ( intrinsic ),” another person said.

“Isn’t this just the same as having a job?? It’s literally what we all do every day pal,” someone else replied.

David addressed all the controversy in a follow-up tweet.

“Didn’t realize “encouraging reading” could be such a controversial topic, so I’ll end on this: He’s a great kid and thrives in academics and sports,” David went on to explain.

Twitter; pictured above is one of David’s tweets

“More importantly, he is a loving older brother/friend/son. I am proud to be his dad. Don’t worry about my kid! He will be okay!”

He also said, “I’m just glad my “internet moment” was about me trying to be a good dad.”

You can check out David’s original tweets on Twitter here.

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