This Woman Is Opening Up About The 10 Things She Learned While Pitching To Investors For A Second Time

First, Amanda laid out why she decided to raise money. “Why did I raise? After 2.5 years of a divorce (that is still going) I don’t have the capital to front the startup expenses,” she said.

“I’m launching a community + a product. I’ve seen people have awesome success with Kickstarter, etc but I wanted specific expertise in my corner.”

She then gets right into her advice.

1. Bet on you

“Preseed investing is betting on the jockey as much as the horse. If no one knows you like horses, then that’s a harder place to start.”

“I spent the last year (b4 needing capital) having convos, tweeting, writing. Want others to invest in you? you do it first.”

2. Always be meeting

“My lead investor was someone who initially tried to hire me to run one of their incubator companies. I wasn’t looking for a new job but I took the meeting to learn more.”

“We had the best jam session about GTM strategy, building communities, etc. Take the mtg.”

Twitter; pictured above is one of Amanda’s tweets

3. Give a sheet

“A google sheet, that is. When it was time to start fundraising I had a list of 200+ people that: – I had spoken to over the past year – someone told me to connect with – someone I wanted to know/pitch.”

4. can I get a…..?

“When reaching out or following up w/ someone you should know what your ask is.”

“The owness is on you to do the thinking, not them. Some people are great connectors to other angels so spend the time researching who is in their network and ask for an intro.”

5. Hype it up

“Maybe it’s from my PR days but buzz is a powerful thing. Time your raise w/ a co update + some big news.”

“I sent out an email to anyone who knew about my company the day before I kicked off fundraising. This helped me prioritize based on replies.”

6. FAQs

“Keep a FAQ doc. Many people have similar questions and you’ll save yourself so much time keeping your answers in one place. Copy + paste + tweak.”

7. Know your audience

“Research ppl & understand their investment thesis. If they only invest in healthcare and u have a dog toy idea, probably not a fit.”

“Also, an idea that doesn’t resonate may not be an idea problem – it may be an audience problem.”

8. Investor dating

“Just like dating, you don’t NEED someone to make you happy. You can be happy on your own.”

“You want someone to bring unique values, perspectives and support. Don’t raise (or date) out of desperation, take the time to get to know them just as they are w/ u.”

9. Small check, big pond

“I asked an investor how I’d fall in his priority list given my check would be a smaller check for his fund.”

“His response? “I’d lose more sleep over my 5m than my 500k.” A cool name may not return your calls. Focus on impact and support in 0 to 1 days.”

10. Shift in mindset

“Lastly, a founder told me to think of investors as “getting the opportunity to be a part of your journey” You are doing the heavy lifting.”

“Remember that. Know your worth.”

You can read Amanda’s original thread here on Twitter.

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