When She Was Just 14, She Secretly Dated Her 34-Year-Old Teacher And Now That He’s Engaged She Wants To Tell His Fiancée

A young woman revealed she secretly dated her 34-year-old teacher when she was just 14-years-old.

Oh boy, right? Well, now he’s engaged to someone his own age, and she really wants to tell this woman what he did.

“This whole situation is a pretty gray area for me and only now as an adult (26 female) am I starting to see my high school experience for what it really was, through the eyes of someone who is grown,” she started out by saying.

“When I started out as a freshman in my very very small high school (around 60 people altogether), at 14, one of my teachers started paying extra attention to me.”

“He was 34 at the time, and a lot of girls would giggle around about how hot he was and everyone loved him.”

“Pretty early on I had started eating lunch with him in his classroom, just us, because I needed some extra help.”

“We became close and I developed a huge crush on him. One day I mentioned I didn’t have a ride home from cheerleading practice and he offered to come back and pick me up.”

“When he picked me up, he offered to take me to get food and that led to him kissing me for the first time.”

It hardly ended there…

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