2 Young Moms Murdered A Few Weeks Apart By The Man They Both Had Children With

Sydney Parmelee and Kaylee Lyons were both 23-years-old. They had gone to Carlisle High School together in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. They graduated in 2014 and attended Harrisburg Area Community College.

Kaylee worked at North Dickinson Elementary School after college, and Sydney was finishing up a nursing program so she could work as a pediatric nurse.

Kaylee was heartfelt and passionate. She gave her all in everything she did in her life. Sydney was trustworthy and reliable. She loved dogs, taking shopping trips, and Ocean City family vacations.

Both Kaylee and Sydney went on to have children with a 25-year-old man named Davone Unique Anderson, and each young woman truly enjoyed being a mom.

Kaylee had a son named Royce, and Sydney had a 2-year-old daughter named Aniya and a 5-month-old son named A’Neek.

Now, Royce, Aniya, and A’Neek will all have to grow up without their moms due to what horrifically happened.

Facebook; Kaylee is pictured above

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