After Her 17-Year-Old Sister Got Pregnant Her Family Tried To Force Her To Adopt The Baby And Now She’s Telling The Internet There’s No Way

A 28-year-old woman’s 17-year-old sister got pregnant and her family is trying to force her to adopt the baby.

She’s telling the internet there’s no way.

“English isn’t my first language so excuse my grammar. My sister (17f) is pregnant,” she started out by saying.

“She found out late and there were some complications, she couldn’t go through with the abortion.”

“Our parents have been looking into the adoption work. Sister was fine giving the baby away initially but lately, she’s grown quite attached to the little being inside her, which is understandable.”

“My husband (28m) and I (28f) live in the same city as our parents.”

Brooke Cagle via Unsplash

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