Her Husband Is Very Close With An 18-Year-Old Girl And Now She’s Telling The Internet She Wants Him To Stop Their Friendship

This is an interesting situation for you. A 34-year-old woman’s 37-year-old husband is very close with an 18-year-old girl.

Now, she’s telling the internet she wants him to end their friendship once and for all after something happened recently.

“My husband’s “family” is actually a group of people who’s parents all went to college together and remained best of friends as they all grew up, got married and had kids,” she started out by saying.

“My husband is one of the oldest kids in this “2nd generation” and the other “kids” are really more like his cousins if that makes sense.”

“I think in total there are about 35 people that make up this group and they all vacation together, have holidays together, etc… like I said, they are far more like a family.”

“So of the 2nd generation my husband is the oldest kid and most of the other ones are in their 30s. The youngest one is a girl I’ll call “Ashely” who is now 18.”

“I have to say that Ashely is a very, very sweet girl and she has babysat our kids more times than I can count and if it weren’t for the current issue, I would think she was one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met.”

“…Ashely is stunningly beautiful and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of this fact.”

David Hurley via Unsplash

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