16-Year-Old’s Step Brother Snuck Into Her Room And Cut Her Hair While She Was Sleeping But Her Parents Don’t See Anything Wrong With This

You know how sometimes you just read things that make your stomach drop? This is one of those things.

A 16-year-old’s step-brother snuck into her room in the middle of the night. He then cut off a piece of her hair, all while she was fast asleep.

When she found out about what he did, she told her parents, but they don’t see anything wrong with this disturbing behavior.

“Step brother of 6 months. My mom married his dad.So a few weeks ago in a morning I noticed my stuff in my room had moved,” she said.

“I told my brother (big bio brother, 23) and he didn’t take me seriously but taught me how to record my room at nights with my phone.”

“I’ve been recording myself every night and nothing happened, so I was ready to believe that nothing had happened that night.”

Joshua Rawson-Harris via Unsplash

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