911 Dispatcher Saves Two Different People On One Shift

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office detailed McKenzie’s amazing work in a recent press release,and it all started just a few days ago.

On September 6th, McKenzie was working when a call came in at 3:33 in the afternoon. She answered, and a panicking mom was on the other end of the line.

This mom explained to McKenzie that her 6-month-old baby was not breathing and starting to turn a different color.

McKenzie remained calm, cool, and collected. She started teling the mom how to perform CPR on her baby.

She also counted aloud so the mom could make sure she was performing compressions on her baby at the correct speed and time.

Thankfully, the baby started to breathe again and she was taken to a local hospital to make sure she would continue to be ok.

Just an hour after all this, McKenzie saved another life!

Facebook; pictured above McKenzie speaks to high school students about her career as a dispatcher

At 4:38 p.m, McKenzie got a second call about someone who had stopped breathing. This time, a woman said to McKenzie that her 71-year-old had been swimming in a pool when he started having difficulty.

McKenzie wasted no time in helping his wife keep it together and get him out of the pool along with the help of a few other family members who were there.

McKenzie then walked the woman through how to perform CPR on her husband, which she and the rest of the family did while deputies from the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office rushed to the home to help continue CPR.

Paramedics then got there, and the man was reportedly in much better shape as he was taken to a hospital.

Sheriff Rick Staly said, “9-1-1 is the number you call in your darkest hour and it is the voice on the other end of the line that can help you through whatever situation you are facing.”

“In these cases, McKenzie was able to not only calm the callers down enough to listen to the instructions, but she was also able to count with them to ensure they were doing compressions as often as required.”

“Already this year she has helped save four lives. She is a true hero and a great partner with our deputies in the field.”

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