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Halloween Treats Under $25 Your Dog Will Absolutely Adore

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Halloween isn’t just exciting for you, it’s a holiday your dog can have a lot of fun with too! Your four-legged best friend is part of the family, so why not include them in the festivities?

I handpicked a selection of exciting treats under $25 from Etsy that I’m sure your dog will absolutely adore.

They all look good enough for you to eat!

Silly Skeleton Cookie Gift Set

Halloween Dog TreatDog Treat image 0

This gift set from Doggie Bag Biscuits features their silly skeleton, long bone, and short bone peanut butter cookies.

You can get them here for $22.65 on Etsy

Vampire Teeth Dog Treats

Vampire Teeth Dog Treats image 0

These 3 ingredient dog treats from Rex Bites are shaped like vampire teeth and contain peanut butter, coconut oil, and garbanzo flour.

You can get them here for $8.50 on Etsy

Trick or Treat Gourmet Doggy Bones

Trick or Treat Gourmet Doggy Bones /Gourmet Dog Biscuits image 0

These gourmet doggie bones from Dante’s Doggie Delights say trick or treat on them and are dipped in orange icing with blank sprinkles.

You can get them here for $7.99 on Etsy

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