Her Boyfriend Stole The Money She Saved To Help Her Dog And Spent It On A New Computer

A 23-year-old woman’s 25-year-old boyfriend stole the money she was saving up to help her dog and spent it on a new computer.

Now she’s asking the internet for help in how to handle all of this.

“I have an 11-year old senior German Shepard. He was hit by a car in 2018 and we went through a very difficult recovery process,” she started out by explaining.

“He had seizures, urine issues, constant fear of anything going fast near him like I couldn’t throw a ball anymore.”

“We had another puppy but our senior was so stressed we had to rehome her. You would have sworn he was displaying abused behavior but he was just scared.”

“He’s moved past all of that and I’m so proud of him. The vet prescribed zonisamide for his seizures and so far he’s been recovering well.”

“We were discussing ways to improve his “mobility”. It’s like a walking cane, but for dogs, and it has sensory objects on the end to prevent him from bumping into furniture.”

“We tested it in the office and his mood improved instantly but at that time I couldn’t afford more treatment for him so I opted to come back.”

“I met D earlier this year while walking him. He’s known since day 1 that my dog requires special treatment and I would absolutely provide it.”

Kristina Petrick via Unsplash

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