Her Boyfriend Told Her He Made A Tinder Account To Look At Hairstyles But She’s Not Sure If He’s Lying

A 29-year-old woman recently found out that her 34-year-old boyfriend has a Tinder account. When she confronted him about it, he told her he uses it to look at hairstyles.

Now, she’s not sure if he’s lying and using it as a cover to cheat on her, or if he’s actually telling the truth.

“I’ve been with my BF for a year now, and for the last 3 months, we’ve been living together in quarantine,” she started out by saying.

“He had a buzz cut since I first met him, except for the last 3 months hasn’t gone out to get a haircut for obvious reasons.”

“A few weeks ago since things have opened back up he was talking about maybe making an appointment to get a haircut.”

“I asked if he was just going to get a buzz cut and he said yes, and I said that I thought his hair looked really good longer and that maybe he should just get a trim.”

“A few days ago I went on to his phone to play Spotify and I notice that he had Tinder downloaded.”

Victor Hughes via Unsplash

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