Her Husband Got His Ex’s Name Tattooed On Him And Now She’s Telling The Internet She’s Not Sure She Wants To Stay In Their Marriage

His ex also got involved in substance abuse and convinced him to partake in it too. “My husband was uncomfortable with this lifestyle and recognized the destructiveness of it.”

“He tried to get his ex off it for years, and they had times where they were relatively healthy, but she kept going back.”

“He’s told me he truly loved her at the time, but eventually, he couldn’t take the harm it was causing his mental state anymore and he broke up with her.”

Elvis Ma via Unsplash

“He was in a bad place when we met, but once he fell in love with me he really started to make a serious effort to improve his mental health.”

“We got married and have been living happily ever since, and, what was up until now my greatest joy in life, I am pregnant with our first child.”

“His ex, however, had not been doing so great. Her drug abuse got way worse and, last week, she, unfortunately, passed away.”

“I never met her and I believe my husband that he never kept contact with her once we got together, but from what I’ve heard she was a very nice person who had been dealt a bad hand.”

“I truly felt sorry for her and her passing saddened me a lot.”

“My husband told me he didn’t want me to go to her memorial service as I hadn’t known her and he didn’t feel it would be appropriate.”

“Of course, I respected that and let him go out just with a group of his high school friends. He got dressed and left early in the day and I stayed home.”

“At night, he came back and I greeted him, but when he undressed he had a bandage on his arm. I asked him what it was and he told me it was his ex’s name, and showed me.”

Understandably, she said she lost it on him at that point. 

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