Nanny Run Over By The Driver Of A Stolen Car After She Threw Herself In Front Of Two Children To Save Them

Unfortunately, Marina suffered serious injuries from her heroic act, as she was smushed between the car and a retaining wall. Her efforts saved both children from a similar fate.

Marina has multiple broken bones and will need a slew of surgeries to repair them all. She is currently in the hospital and it’s expected her recovery will take between 6 and 12 months.

The Metropolitan Police Department is still on the hunt for the man who tried to steal the car and caused harm to Marina and Denis.

Metropolitan Police Department; pictured above is the suspect who tried to steal Denis’s car

A GoFundMe page started for Marina reads, “On September 15, Marina and the two small children in her charge were watching the fish swimming in a Mount Pleasant neighbor’s small pond, when a stolen car came speeding down the sidewalk and crushed Marina against the retaining wall as she protected the children.”

“She suffered multiple broken bones and needs several surgeries, but fortunately the doctors think she will be able to mostly recover in about six months.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Denis after he got injured by the driver

“Because Marina won’t be able to work during that time, we want to join together with the other supportive family, friends and neighbors to raise money that she can use for her mortgage and other expenses.  Thank you for your support for a true local hero!”

There is also a GoFundMe page that has been created for Denis that says, “On September 15, Denis was working hard delivering food. While he was completing the deliveries, a man tried to steal his car, his only means of support for his family.”

“Denis tried to stop the man, but he was overwhelmed and dragged until he was unconscious. A woman who was with two children were seriously injured when they were hit by the speeding stolen car, leaving them in serious condition.”

“He suffered several fractures which need surgeries, unfortunately, the doctors predict he will recover within 8 months.”

“He returned to the hospital because new health complications had arisen. Denis will not be able to return to work during this time, we are reaching out to the community to support him to raise funds that he can use for rent and other expenses.”

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