She Entered Into An Arranged Marriage But Now Is Catching Feelings For Her Husband And The Internet Says This Is Like A Lifetime Movie

A 27-year-old woman living in the UK entered into an arranged marriage with a man that’s a year older than her.

Now, she’s catching feelings for him and asking what to do, while the internet says this sounds like a Lifetime movie.

“I live in the UK but come from a cultural background where arrange marriages are the norm,” she started out by explaining.

“My parents claimed they wouldn’t push me into an arranged marriage but when I was 25, my husband’s parents approached them about it.”

“His parents are family friends of my uncle’s family and incredibly wealthy, so my parents and uncle really pushed for me to accept.”

“They kept going on about how they wouldn’t be able to find anyone better and he was the perfect ‘catch.’”

Shwa Hall via Unsplash

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