She Exposed Her Cousin On TikTok For Assaulting Her And Now Her Family Is Mad At Her For “Ruining His Life”

“So there’s this trend on TikTok where you pose as the person who sexually assaulted you. And my best friend suggested I do that.”

“I really wanted to humiliate him so yeah I did it. Well, the video blew up, and he was harassed on Instagram by many people.”

“I left his Instagram account. Someone who went to his university saw my video and reported it to the management.”

“They kicked him out of the university and canceled his scholarship.”

“Some girls who were assaulted by him came forward with their stories too.”

“My family members (including relatives) are mad at me for ruining his life. They want me to apologize and tell his management that I lied for attention.”

“I was against that idea, and my parents threatened to disown me. I honestly don’t care about them.”

Olivier Bergeron via Unsplash

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