She Lost 2 Engagement Rings Then Broke A 3rd And Now Her Fiancé Says He Thinks This Isn’t Accidental Anymore

“This January, my fiancée called me up in tears. She’d somehow lost the ring on her way home from work and she had no clue where it might be.”

“I left work early to come help her search, but since she’d been riding the subway, the ring was long gone.”

“My fiancée was clearly distraught, so a few weeks later I dipped into my savings and bought her a different ring.”

“It wasn’t quite as expensive as the last, but it was from the same jeweler and still a good make.”

Esther Tuttle via Unsplash

“Around June, I noticed one day that it had been a while since I saw my fiancée actually wear her engagement ring.”

“She went pale and confessed to me that she thought she’d taken it off before bed one night and now it was lost somewhere in our flat. This time we searched for days and I dug up half the floorboards looking for it, but the ring is (to this day) missing.”

“At this point, buying another ring was out of the question (too expensive) so I asked her if she’d rather either a) have a cheap replacement ring (under $50) until after we’re married, or b) go without a ring for now. She chose option b.”

“One day we were visiting my grandmother, who asked my fiancée where her ring was. When we told her it was lost, my grandmother was kind enough to give my fiancée one of her rings instead.”

“My fiancée seemed delighted and everything was working out perfectly until this week. I came home to find my grandmother’s ring on the table, looking almost unrecognizable.”

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