She Never Used To Lock Her Doors Until She Found A Stranger’s Tooth In Her Bedroom

Internet users were quick to insist that she had to check her house and see if there were other signs of someone having been inside.

After sitting in silence trying to pick up any sounds that someone in her house would be making, she bravely started to investigate.

Honestly, I would have just called the police and left at this point, but she said, “It’s too long to wait on anyone so I’m checking it out.”

She ended up checking her attic to see if perhaps a person was hiding up there. The first thing she noticed was a smudged handprint on the door leading up there that wasn’t hers.

Imgur; pictured above is the handprint found leading up to the attic

At first, she didn’t see much up there in the attic, but after she found a taller ladder, she was shocked at what she found.

Someone had absolutely been in her attic. She found tissues, little toys, and clothing of hers that had been missing for more than a whole year.

The police arrived, dusted her attic for fingerprints, and took away the things she found up there for evidence.

“I have a stalker that sits in my attic when I’m home. No, I don’t lock my doors unless I’m inside sleeping because I live in a community of about 400 people with only a post office,” she continued saying in an update on the situation.

Imgur; pictured above is the stranger’s tooth that she found

“It’s normal here. I do, however, always keep my bedroom patio door locked. I will now be locking all doors. I’ve thought of robbers in the past, but a locked door is not going to stop someone from breaking in if they really want to.”

“I don’t know how the tooth that started this even fits in. It’s not in the path that would lead to the attic. The ONLY reason I even thought of or looked at my attic was because of that top comment, that made me stop dead in my tracks.”

“I’ve always been a little scared of the attic. I know the sheriff here, and he feels it’s someone that knows me. I don’t want to say what was up there. It’s awful.”

And then, it came to light who that person in her attic was.

“It’s my 70-something year old, married forever to the same woman, church deacon, father of 4, grandfather to 6, pillar of the community, neighbor. I’m away but have received the call.”

Insane, right? Please lock your doors if you don’t already!

You can read her original post on Imgur here.

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