She Vanished On 9/11 Under Strange Circumstances But It’s Not Clear If She Was Leading A Double Life Or A Victim Of The Attacks

In September of 2001, Sneha was working on finishing up her residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital, located on Staten Island.

She was living in a beautiful 1 bedroom apartment in Battery Park City with her husband, Dr. Ron Lieberman. They had tied the knot in 2000.

The two had met while attending the Chicago School of Medicine, and it was important for Sneha to graduate at the same time as Ron, so she spent a whole year vacationing in Italy to make that happen. By all means, Sneha and Ron seemed to be happily married.

On September 10th, Sneha wasn’t expected to be at work, but that morning hardly started for her as a relaxing day off.

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Prior to 10 a.m. Sneha showed up in court with Ron. She pled not guilty that morning after being arraigned for falsely reporting an incident.

You see, Sneha was fired from her first residency program for continuously coming to work late and struggling with alcohol issues. Following her firing, she said one of her now former co-workers inappropriately touched her.

The district attorney became involved in that and authorities maintained that Sneha lied about the whole incident. This resulted in her being charged with falsely reporting an incident.

Even though she was now facing legal troubles, Sneha absolutely refused to retract the complaint she had filed against this person she used to work with.

Regarding that morning in court, the police would later say that Sneha and Ron were having some kind of rather loud disagreement about her excessive drinking, engaging in drugs, and extramarital affairs with women, but Ron has since denied that ever happened.

After leaving court, Ron headed off for work while Sneha went back to their apartment. Her cousin was supposed to stop by for dinner in a few days so she wanted to make sure everything was picked up.

She talked to her mom on the phone for around 2 hours. She told her she wanted to go to Windows on the World at some point but never clarified when she wanted to go; this was the restaurant located inside the World Trade Center.

At around 5:15 that evening Sneha left the apartment she shared with Ron to drop some items off at a local dry cleaner, and her building’s security cameras catch her leaving.

At 7:18 that night her movements are caught on camera again, and this is the final confirmed sighting of Sneha.

This time, she’s walking through a Century 21 department store, and she has her hands full. She spent around $550 on bed linens, 3 different pairs of shoes, and lingerie. She used Ron’s American Express card to make her purchases.

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