She Was Killed In A Motorcycle Chase All Because She Wanted To Marry A Transgender Man

Maria Paola Gaglione was only 22-years-old when her life was taken from her in Naples, Italy, all because of who she fell in love with.

Maria was engaged to Ciro Migliore, a transgender man, and that’s a fact some of those close to her simply didn’t approve of.

Maria’s brother, 30-year-old Michele Antonio, particularly disapproved of the man she planned on marrying; because he wasn’t born a man.

Maria and Ciro faced down no shortage of hate and threats because of their relationship, but that didn’t stop them from living their lives, together.

11 days ago, Maria and Ciro were riding home on a scooter, when all of a sudden things took a dangerous turn.

Facebook; pictured above are Maria and Ciro together

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