She Was “Scammed” By Bella Thorne And Now She’s Sharing Her Story So Other Small Businesses Don’t Fall Victim To This

Lauryn Rivera is a 20-year-old college student, jewelry designer, and small business owner.

She’s the woman behind Div9ne Collective, and she creates stunning pieces of jewelry by breathing new life into repurposed luxury goods.

When Bella Thorne reached out to Lauryn on Instagram asking to collaborate, she figured this would be an amazing opportunity for her business.

Taking to Twitter, Lauryn said, “She dm’d my brand (Div9ne Collective) back in May asking for jewelry in return for a story shoutout & she never did it. Over $1.5k in products was sent to her.”

It turned out to be a complete nightmare for Lauryn, and now she’s sharing her story of being “scammed” by Bella so other small businesses don’t fall victim to this.

Here’s Lauryn’s story.

Twitter; pictured above is Lauryn

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