She Was “Scammed” By Bella Thorne And Now She’s Sharing Her Story So Other Small Businesses Don’t Fall Victim To This

Lauryn shared a series of tweets explaining how what seemed like a great opportunity went so completely south.

At first, she didn’t think it was worth sharing, but Lauryn is concerned about this happening to other small businesses.

“I planned to cut my losses and never post about this because cancel culture is toxic, but since Bella happens to be trending for scamming people, I feel an immense obligation to speak out on behalf of small businesses,” she tweeted.

Lauryn then clarified, “For the record, she reached out to me initially offering promotion in exchange for custom Chanel pieces. I did not reach out to her first.”

Twitter; pictured above is one of the screenshots Lauryn shared of the conversation between her and Bella

“Amid all that has been going on, I refuse to be affiliated with someone who has affected thousands of people in the way that she has,” Lauryn continued.

“Div9ne promotes inclusivity, equality, and representation of all — which is the opposite of what she has done hence the flame underneath her.”

Twitter; pictured above is another screenshot of the conversation on Instagram

“I try to keep div9ne all about positivity & love so while I don’t want this situation to be a marker of my company, it does frustrate me knowing someone with a platform as big as hers is willing to rip off a one woman brand just beginning to establish itself with zero remorse.”

“This isn’t about clout. This isn’t about trying to exploit someone just for cancel culture.”

“This is about bringing awareness to how celebrities & influencers are constantly taking advantage of small businesses because they know there is nothing they will do about it.”

Twitter; pictured above are some of the pieces Lauryn custom made and sent to Bella

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