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Toddler Kidnapped While His Mom Was Pushing Him In A Stroller And Now They’ve Been Miraculously Reunited

At this point, the woman who was still sitting inside of the SUV hopped out and ran over. She was dressed in disguise as a man.

She snatched Leslie’s son right out of his stroller, ran back to the car, and got in along with the man who had tried to shoot Leslie.

The two took off, but not before Leslie was able to tear off a chunk of the man’s shorts and take one of his shoes, which she later showed to the police.

Yeah, not only did Leslie rip a gun out of a man’s hands, she then proceeded to fight back against him and collect her own evidence that the FBI then posted on social media in an attempt to identify the suspects.

FBI; pictured above is a piece of this guy’s shorts that Leslie ripped right off of him

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