Whitney Way Thore From My Big Fat Fabulous Life Gets Real About Size: “Let Fat People Call Themselves Fat”

In her follow-up post, Whitney said, “A few days ago I posted a pic from the ‘80s and said I wanted the swimsuit I was wearing in a “size fat” and I got so many comments that I didn’t expect, so here’s just a little reminder that…”

“It’s actually insulting to insist that a fat person who has identified as fat actually isn’t fat.”

“If you try to convince me otherwise, you’re simply reinforcing the notion that being fat is bad and not making any damn sense because I am obviously fat.”

“Telling a fat person some variation of, “You’re not fat; you’re beautiful!/funny!/smart!/successful!” means that you have not reconciled that a person can simultaneously be fat and possess good qualities and be likable…”

“And that’s a problem for you to work out, not fat people.”

Instagram; pictured above is the photo Whitney shared along with her post

“It’s disrespectful to tell someone that the way they identify is wrong. I personally cringe myself into the ether over words like “fluffy,” “chunky,” etc.”

“I don’t need to distance myself from the word fat. I don’t need a euphemism. If it makes you uncomfortable, again, that’s on you, not me.”

“For many fat people, myself included, there has been a long journey of acceptance in using the word “fat” as a descriptor like any other — short, brunette, and white are also adjectives I use to describe me and none are good or bad, they just are.”

“Let fat people call themselves fat and recognize it isn’t a put-down.”

I love that Whitney is so confident! You can follow her on Instagram here!

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