3 Weeks Before She Graduated College, Her Roommate Found Her Lying Facedown On Her Bloody Bed

At 2:26, paramedics arrived at the apartment, where they spent close to half an hour working on Yeardley before sadly announcing that she had passed away. Her cause of death was blunt force injury to her head.

A few hours later, George was interviewed by detectives. He admitted he kicked in her door, and he admitted he stole her laptop, but he denied murdering Yeardley.

But then, he owned up to more of what he did. Court documents state that George told investigators that he slammed Yeardley’s head into the wall, shook her, and “at one point during the altercation he saw blood coming from Yeardley Love’s nose.”

Following a statement, George was promptly arrested and charged with murdering Yeardley. A jury found him guilty, and he was sentenced to 23 years behind bars. He has appealed several times, with no success.

Yeardley’s mom and sister work to keep her spirit and memory alive with the One Love Foundation, which is dedicated to helping young people recognize abusive relationships so they can avoid them.

The lacrosse jersey that Yeardley wore during her time spent on the field was number one. The University of Virginia has since retired Yeardley’s number.

Facebook; Yeardley blows out her birthday candles in the photo above

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