4 Days After Their Honeymoon Began, This Young Couple Tragically Died In A Plane Crash

33-year-old Lindsey Vogelaar was in an airport in Birmingham, England for a layover when she ran into a man that would turn into the love of her life; 30-year-old Costas John Sivyllis.

As luck would have it, the two had a lot in common and both were passionate about working in the airline industry; Costas worked as a pilot, and Lindsey as a flight attendant.

Lindsey and Costas also enjoyed traveling the world, and their social media profiles were full of photos of sunrises, sunsets, and clouds seen from the inside of planes.

Their relationship progressed and the two ended up living together in Port Orange, Florida. They got engaged and then decided to have a small wedding in Telluride, Colorado recently.

Sadly, just 4 days into their honeymoon, this young couple passed away in a plane crash.

Facebook; Lindsey and Costas are pictured above on the plane

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