A Woman And Her Friend Were Hurt After Attempting To Rescue A Puppy Who Nearly Fell Off A Cliff

A three and a half-month-old puppy named Blue set out on the hike along with her owner and several of her friends this past Saturday in the morning.

Blue managed to stumble along the way, falling 15 feet down below before landing on top of a ledge.

A friend of Blue’s owner, a 25-year-old woman from Denver, bravely tried to rescue her while one of her male friends decided to climb further down. He thought he could attempt to catch Blue if she slipped and fell during the rescue attempt.

The man didn’t end up catching Blue, but he did end up catching the woman after she fell.

San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is part of the rescue attempt

She came pretty close to Blue before plummeting 30 feet. She landed on top of her friend, and the two of them slipped 20 feet more together.

At around 11:30 that morning, the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office got a call to help rescue the injured hikers and Blue (who was still stuck on the ledge).

Luckily, everyone was safely rescued. Blue didn’t have any injuries, but her owner’s friend suffered serious ones and although her injuries are “traumatic”, she is expected to survive.

San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above Blue gets rescued

The friend that she landed on top of somehow walked away from all of this with only minor injuries.

In a Facebook post, the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office said, “One of our newest rescuers, a recent graduate of Telluride High School and skilled rock climber, reached “Blue” the puppy via the rigged ropes, placed her in a harness, and brought her safely to her owner. The puppy was uninjured.”

San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above are Blue, her rescuers, and her owner

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