Man Breaks Down And Cries After Finding A Dog Dumped In The Middle Of The Road With This Note Attached To Her Collar

Lionel Vytialingam is a man from Ipoh, Malaysia. He was heading out from his home to a grocery store when he made a shocking discovery.

At first, he heard car horns honking, so he stopped to investigate what they were making such a ruckus over.

Right there in the middle of the road, there was a scared little dog running around in the road, while people just honked at her instead of stopping to try to help.

“I held my breath each time she swerved into them or they into her,” Lionel said in his Facebook post.

Lionel explains that he stayed in his car, following behind the little dog as she ran down the street.

He was then able to pull his car off onto the side of the road so he could park, get out, and try to help her.

Facebook; Lionel shared the photo above of the road where he found her running around

“Thank goodness she chose to walk towards me, away from the middle of the road,” Lionel explained.

“She had a soggy note folded up and tied around her neck. I tried not to move at all to maybe gain her trust.”

“She stood away for about 10 mins watching my every pulse it seemed, before she finally approached me from the back, sniffed, then walked round to face me.”

“I asked her if I could look at her note.” Here’s what it said that moved Lionel to tears.

Facebook; pictured above is the cute little girl Lionel rescued

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