The Net Worth Of Crystal Hefner, Plus Where She Is Now 3 Years After Hugh’s Passing

On September 27th, 2017, Hugh Hefner passed away in his LA mansion after managing to get E. coli, which then turned into sepsis.

His official cause of death was cardiac arrest, but the other things he was suffering from certainly contributed to his passing.

He was buried right next to Marilyn Monroe in Westwood Memorial Park and he purchased that spot back in 1992 for $72,000.

Hugh was married three different times during his 91-year long lifetime. Crystal Harris Hefner was his last wife, and they had a 60-year age gap. The two tied the knot officially in 2012 on News Year’s Eve, when Crystal was 26 and Hugh was 86.

It’s been 3 years now since Hugh passed, and on the anniversary of his death Crystal took to Instagram to say, “Three years. It’s hard to believe. Thank you for always being my greatest ally, teaching me the definition of kindness, and making me feel extremely important and adored for ten years. I will be forever grateful.”

Ever wonder what Crystal’s net worth is and where she is now? Let’s take a look.

Twitter; Crystal is pictured above

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