Toddler Loses An Arm While At Her Grandma’s Sanctuary For Wolf-Dogs

Several weeks ago, a 2-year-old girl named Sophia was visiting her grandma’s sanctuary for wolf-dogs in Michigan when tragedy struck.

Wolf-dogs are either a cross between a dog and a wolf, or a cross with a wolf-dog. It’s not legal to own them unless you have proper permits in many states, and Michigan is one of them.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Sophia’s grandma Brenda does not have the permits required to have wolf-dogs at her sanctuary, called Howling Timbers.

On July 23rd at the sanctuary, Sophia reached inside of one of the cages and ended up losing most of her arm after a wolf-dog bit it off.

One of the volunteers tried to get Sophia’s arm out of the wolf-dog’s mouth but wasn’t able to.

Anna Cullen, a Conservation Officer, said in a statement, “No person should be allowed near those dogs.”

“It’s not fair to this child who lost an arm. We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of anyone who may encounter any animal at Howling Timbers, including the health and safety of all the animals at the facility.”

Here’s what Sophia’s grandma has to say about what happened.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Sophia after she lost part of her arm

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