15-Year-Old Quawan Charles Found Dead With A Severely Damaged Face After Being Taken From His Home By Another Teen And His Mom

Quawan’s parents first knew something wasn’t right when his mom Roxanne tried to pick him up at his dad’s house in Baldwin, Louisiana, on the afternoon of October 30th.

Not only was Quawan not there like he was supposed to be, but he was also ignoring all the calls being made to his cellphone.

When evening rolled around, Quawan’s parents really started to panic. He was nowhere to be found and he was still not picking up his phone.

Quawan’s parents then reached out to the local police, the Baldwin Police Department, to report their son as missing. They say that while the department did issue a report, they didn’t really make an effort to help find their son at all.

Attorneys for Quawan’s parents explained in a press release that the police suggested that perhaps Quawan went to a football game, and they never put out an Amber Alert for him.

The attorneys also revealed that he had been last seen with 17-year-old Gavin Irvin, a white teenager, and his mom Janet Irvin.

Some reports have stated Gavin was a friend of Quawan’s, but Quawan’s parents have maintained through their attorneys that neither Gavin nor his mom was allowed to take him with them the day he disappeared. A press release from their attorneys states that the two took Quawan “without his parents’ permission.”

3 days after Quawan went missing, he was found lying face-first in the drainage ditch of a sugarcane field nearly 30 miles away from his home.

An autopsy photo of Quawan that was posted online showed that most of the lower portion of his face was completely gone.

His teeth were showing where his face was missing. He was covered in mud. The initial autopsy report stated he “likely drowned.” The severe trauma and damage to his face were marked as “aquatic animal activity.”

Pictured above is a copy of the first autopsy report

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