5-Year-Old Discovered Dead In A Snow Coated Drain 46 Years Ago And Her Cold Case Has Finally Been Solved

The smiley, adorable child you see in this black and white photo is 5-year-old Siobhan McGuinness.

She lived in Missoula, Montana, a picturesque and peaceful area. 46 years ago she was on her way back home from visiting a friend’s house when she disappeared into the freezing February weather.

It was 1974, February 5th. The walk should only have taken Siobhan a few minutes, but when she didn’t turn up at her house, her parents feared the worst.

2 days after Siobhan disappeared, she was discovered dead in a snow-coated drain. Her small body had been shoved inside, and her killer had brutalized her.

According to the FBI, Siobhan had been stabbed in her chest and sexually assaulted. She also “sustained trauma to her head.”

Although detectives worked nonstop to try to solve Siobhan’s murder, eventually her case became as cold as the day she was found.

Facebook; the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office posted the above photo of Siobhan

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