Anne Hathaway Issues An Apology Over Her New Movie The Witches “I Detest Cruelty”

Anne Hathaway’s newest movie The Witches debuted on October 22nd through HBO Max. The movie is an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s popular children’s dark fantasy book that came out in 1983.

Anne starred as the Grand High Witch, and she just issued an apology over her character after she received quite a bit of backlash.

Many people were upset over the fact that the Grand High Witch has no toes on her feet and three fingers on her hands. This condition isn’t made up though; limb differences are a very real disability.

The portrayal of the Grand High Witch having limb differences (despite not looking like that in the book Roald Dahl originally wrote) has led to disability advocates speaking up, explaining that it’s a  negatative and scary message to be sending to viewers of the movie.

Eventually all of this reached Anne, and here’s the apology she issued.

Twitter; the Paralympic Games called out the movie in the above post

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