Lena Dunham Reveals IVF Didn’t Work For Her “Who Was I If Not A Mother?”

Lena Dunham, actress, writer, director, producer, and creator of the beloved HBO series Girls, recently revealed that in vitro fertilization didn’t work for her.

In the latest issue of Harper’s Magazine, Lena wrote an essay on her experience with IVF.

She also shared a post on Instagram, in which she talked about how it took her a year to put the piece together for the magazine after her “experience of learning, once and for all, that I would never be a biological mother.”

Lena went on to say that she turned to internet communities “when it felt like the world had no space IRL for the grief, pain and rage that comes along with processing something of this magnitude.”

“Fertility is a complex topic, one that’s easy to reduce to outdated biological urges and gender roles, baby announcement photos and girl on girl jealousy,” Lena said in her post.

Instagram; Lena is pictured above

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