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Teacher Goes Viral For Sharing Some Truly Terrible Texts She Got From A Parent

Ms. Jackson replies back apologizing to this mom, before explaining that she has zero control over making her daughter get online to participate in learning.

She then gives a perfect comparison, texting, “Much like I would not have the ability to physically drive your child to school, I do not have the ability to wake your child up and put them on the computer.”

“My role as you have stated is to teach,” she continues. “Your role is to have your child ready to learn in a safe, quiet environment with supplies.”

“On multiple occasions I have called, dojo messaged, text and even come to your home because we had not been able to contact you or even lay eyes on your child for orientation.”

That’s right, Ms. Jackson is one dedicated teacher who clearly tried her hardest to get this parent on the same page. She went to their house!

Just when you think this mom can’t get any worse…she starts sending even crazier texts than this.

Imgur; pictured above is part of Ms. Jackson’s initial reply to this parent

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