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The Modeling Guide For Every Body Book Review: If You Want To Get Into Modeling, This Is A Must-Have

Brynda Mara currently teaches English to children, writes, and runs marathons barefoot in her free time while dressed in incredible tribal pieces to raise awareness for indigenous people impacted by climate change.

Before all of this, she was a very successful independent model who traveled for different jobs and ended up launching her own modeling agency.

Brynda was born in Rio de Janeiro and began modeling when she was 13-years-old. It was something she had always dreamed of doing, but she became discouraged after constantly being told she simply was too short to make it as a model.

She shelved her dreams and moved to America.

Just when she thought modeling was a distant thought from her past, she met a designer who encouraged her to pursue it despite not being the right height. So, she did just that.

Brynda worked hard, created opportunities for herself, and learned all the ins and outs of the industry along the way.

She also completed two college degrees, mastered speaking seven languages, and launched a charity foundation to help underprivileged children.

In 2005, Brynda took all the skills and information she had acquired while working as a model and built a modeling agency, called BMNY MODELS NATIONWIDE.

From there, Brynda set out to write a book for young women who aspired to be models, after noticing there wasn’t anything like that already on the market.

There really wasn’t a book you could pick up that would teach you everything you needed to know while booking more jobs…

…Until Brynda completed and published The Modeling Guide for Every Body. This book is the perfect gift for any young woman looking to get into modeling, regardless of the body type they have.

Brynda spent years interviewing modeling schools and agencies, figured out what they were really looking for in their models, and included all of this in her book.

She built and included a directory of different schools and agencies to reach out to broken out by state; complete with the best emails, phone numbers, and websites to use to contact them directly.

Another wonderful thing about The Modeling Guide for Every Body is that Brynda breaks down everything you need to know and accomplish before getting into modeling, how to actually get work as a model, and how to determine what your body type is.

She then gets into all of the different kinds of modeling you can do (such as fitness modeling, beauty modeling, fit modeling, etc.).

Brynda’s book is truly an insightful A to Z road map for succeeding as a model, and it’s written in such a kind and enlivening tone.

You can get The Modeling Guide for Every Body for $6.95 on Amazon or Walmart. You can learn more about Brynda here and you can read more about Brynda running marathons barefoot here.