This Man Is Going Viral For All Of The Weird And Wild Holiday Stories He Has From His Days Dealing With Customers At A Fancy Grocery Store

It takes a very special person to deal with customers face to face in a store, especially when they have weird and wild things to say to you.

One man named Dylan Morrison is going viral after he decided to share some of his crazy holiday stories he has from his days spent dealing with customers at a “fancy grocery store”.

Dylan started out his thread on Twitter by pointing out the sheer volume of orders he helped to handle.

“The first year I was involved, we ran 800+ thanksgiving orders and 400+ at christmas; when I was in charge it was 1,000+ thanksgiving orders and 500+ christmas,” Dylan said.

He continued, “Some of these orders were for raw meats — turkeys, rib roasts, etc — but most of them were for prepared meals, or raw meat and prepared sides, to save people from having to cook for themselves. (you can probably guess the grocery store, I’m only not naming it bc I fear them.”

He then gets into his crazy tales. “My favorite story is this one: a lady called and SCREAMED at me on thanksgiving day bc her food wasn’t hot. the food she had picked up two days prior. she was angry… the food didn’t come out of her refrigerator… hot. she was angry the food didn’t come out her FRIDGE!! HOT!!”

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