Transgender Miami Beauty Queen Stabbed To Death By Her Jealous Husband With A Fork And Knife

39-year-old Yuni Carey was born in Santa Clara, Cuba but relocated to America along with her grandma. They ended up calling Miami home, and that’s where Yuni built her life and career.

She was a beauty queen, pageant winner, performer, salsa-dancer, model, and transgender activist who was popular in her local LGBTQ community.

Her Facebook profile lists her as married, and her husband is Ygor Arrudasouza, a dancer from Brazil.

Yuni gushed in a recent Facebook video featuring Ygor tattooing her name on his body, “He got my name! My husband loves me.”

Yuni’s Aunt Chrissy said in a Facebook post, “We love you and we will miss your feisty, blunt, very matter a fact attitude. Thanks for your love, your talents, your team spirit, and your love for people.”

Yuni was allegedly murdered by her husband in an awful way, and here’s what we know so far about happened to this vibrant woman.

Facebook; Yuni is pictured above

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