Clare Crawley Explains She’s Struggling With “Insecurities” After Her Quick Bachelorette Season

Clare Crawley made Bachelorette history after she met her match and made a speedy exit from the show.

12 days after she started filming and met all of the contestants, one ended up really catching her eye and Clare called her season a wrap.

She got engaged to 32-year-old Dale Moss…and then ABC was left to recast someone else to fill Clare’s place (they ended up picking Tayshia Adams).

Rumors also swirled that somehow Clare and Dale had to have met or talked online before the season started, but those have been disproved.

Kind of crazy, right? Some fans were supportive of Clare finding love in an instant and leaving, while others have let the backlash loose over her, well, very quick season.

So, Clare took to Instagram to remind you that even though she’s a TV star, she has feelings too.

Instagram; Clare smiles with her dog, above

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