College Student On His Way Home For The Holidays Vanished A Week Ago After Crashing His Car, Leaving His Wallet, Phone Behind

The holidays are supposed to be merry and bright; a time when you appreciate your loved ones, pick out the perfect presents for them, and share dinner, drinks, and time together.

This time of year you’re supposed to be with those you love, not panicking about where they are…but that’s the situation Jason Landry’s family is now in.

21-year-old Jason is from Missouri City, Texas, but he has been living on campus at Texas State University in San Marcos while going to college there.

Last Monday, December 14th, Jason left campus to head home for the holidays. He got into his Nissan Altima and started the drive back.

Jason didn’t get very far before crashing his car.

Facebook; Jason smiles in the photo above

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