Her Boyfriend Is Set On “Telling Children The Truth About Santa Claus” And The Internet Insists She Needs To Dump This Guy

A 23-year-old woman has been dating her 24-year-old boyfriend since college. They never really spent time around any children in college, and then they never went on to spend the holidays together since their families live on each coast.

She and her boyfriend both graduated from college this year, they decided to move in together, and they also settled down in the city their college is in.

Unfortunately, she just found out that her boyfriend seems to really enjoy ruining Christmas for kids.

She says he’s completely set on explaining to children that Santa Claus isn’t real, and the internet insists she needs to dump this guy.

“You might get to the end of this and think it’s a big deal over nothing, but it’s really upsetting me and I just want to get it out,” she starts out by explaining.

Honestly, this is a pretty big deal though to have someone in your life that finds joy in destroying it for others.

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