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Mom Asks The Internet If She’s The Worst After Her Kindergarten Daughter Made A “Morbid” Family Tree Project For School

Sometimes, you just really need the unbiased opinion of strangers on the internet to help you weigh in on real-world situations.

One mom on Reddit recently wanted to know if she’s the worst after her kindergarten daughter made a “morbid” family tree project for school…

…Which in turn upset the teacher, the principal, and other parents from the class.

“My biological family is dead. I was raised in foster care, and so my friends are my family. I met my late husband in college,” she started out by explaining.

“He was just raised by his mother, who had abandoned him and later died (no adoptive family). As an adult, I’ve looked into both trees and our biological ancestors are, to put it mildly, really dangerous people and/or dead. My late husband and older son died in a car crash.”

“My daughter is in kindergarten and she, more accurately me, was supposed to do a family tree project for school.”

“I tried speaking to her teacher that this was not going to be a Pollyanna report, but she is one of those people that can’t comprehend that sometimes family is a dark subject, and insisted that it needed to be biological. So, I did it.”

You can’t say she didn’t try…

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