NYC EMT Outed By A Reporter For Having An OnlyFans After She Asked To Remain Anonymous

Lauren Kwei is a 23-year-old EMT working in New York City. Trying to make ends meet while helping to support her family (her father is very sick), she created an OnlyFans account.

Somehow, a reporter named Dean Balsamini at the New York Post found out about Lauren’s side hustle and decided to publicly out her even though she begged to remain anonymous.

They posted her first and last name in the article they ran. One of Lauren’s friends created a GoFundMe page for her, explaining that the “journalist (male) decided against honoring her request instead quoting her and misquoting her making her appear flippant and uncaring.”

Lauren then took to Twitter to talk about what really happened, which was also shared on her GoFundMe.

Twitter; Lauren is pictured above

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