The Letter That This Child Wrote To USPS Operation Santa Will Absolutely Break Your Heart

“Dear Santa, hi my name is Jon I’m 11-years-old. I’m praying you can help us have a Christmas this year,” John wrote in his letter to Santa.

“We don’t even have a tree honestly we don’t have money for anything not even for my birthday…”

“…So we’re not able to have my birthday but it’s ok I understand because my grandparents have been raising me and I love them very much but it’s been a struggle this year because we were in a car accident.”

He goes on to say that his grandpa needed neck surgery after the car accident this year. His grandma then lost her job.

“I just wish for money to help them with anything like a bill, or rent or just a gift for being the best grandparents and bestest parents to me,” John said before listing a few things he would like for Christmas.

Below is the entire letter for you. It certainly puts things into perspective.

USPS Operation Santa; pictured above is the letter from John

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