Toddler Thrown Off A Bridge Finally Identified After 38 Years But Her Mom Is Still Missing

December 3rd, 1982. In Moss Point, Mississippi, a young woman was seen around midnight walking along Interstate 10 with a toddler.

She was dressed in jeans and a plaid shirt that was blue, and the toddler had on a white and pink dress with a diaper.

This woman was clearly quite upset as she walked, holding the toddler in her arms. Although several people passing by had stopped to offer help, she insisted she was fine and wouldn’t accept any assistance. She brushed them off and kept walking.

2 days after this sighting of the young woman and toddler, a man who worked as a truck driver called the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department on December 5th.

He said that he had seen something in Dog River. A woman’s body was bobbing face down in the water, with a blue paid shirt and a pair of jeans on.

NCMEC; pictured above is a sketch of what the toddler looked like

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