Woman Asks The Internet If She’s The Worst For Telling Her Fiancé She Doesn’t Want His Handmade Christmas Presents

What’s a girl to do when the gift you’re giving is far nicer than the handmade one you’re receiving? Ask the internet for help, of course.

A woman is now left wondering if she’s the worst after she told her fiancé she doesn’t want his handmade Christmas presents anymore.

She started out by explaining that she’s been with her fiancé for more than 2 years now, and they have celebrated Christmas together twice so far.

“The first year, I bought him maybe $50 worth of presents, mostly stuff he’d hinted at wanting to buy,” she said.

“He gave me a fancy origami star with ‘merry christmas’ written on it in sharpie. We hadn’t dated very long, so I didn’t think twice about the whole thing, and honestly the star was pretty cute.”

“We hadn’t actually discussed presents at all before that point, so it’s not like I was expecting anything more.”

“Last Christmas was a bit different. We did have ‘the talk’ about presents, and he directed me to his Amazon wishlist and told me to get him something off there.”

“The problem was that everything on his wishlist is hugely expensive, with the cheapest item being a few 100 dollars at least.”

“I ended up getting him a Nintendo Switch and he was really happy with that. In return, he presented me with what was basically a piece of laminated paper cut into the shape of a xmas tree.”

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