She’s A Soldier Stationed Overseas And She Desperately Needs Your Help Bringing The Puppy She Rescued Back Home To Safety

“PupPup is a puppy that Army Sergeant Char, who is stationed overseas, fell in love with and rescued. PupPup is very shy and fearful and won’t go near anyone but Sgt. Char, even for food,” a post created on Facebook by Paws of War explains.

Paws of War works to help rescue and then train dogs to help veterans and first responders that suffer from PTSD.

They also actively work to get animals rescued by soldiers overseas safely back to America to be with the members of the military that saved them from terrible fates.

Their post includes the words of Sergeant Char herself: “I’m desperately asking Paws of War to help me bring my beautiful helpless PupPup back to America with me because I can’t stand the thought of leaving her behind,” says Sgt. Char.

Facebook; pictured above Army Sergeant Char holds PupPup

“This spot can be very harsh to dogs and I fear she will die if she is left behind. Plus, we have formed such a strong bond that means everything to me. I can’t turn my back on her and would be forever grateful for the help to get her home.”

“The only way Paws of War can successfully bring PupPup back to America to live with Sgt. Char in a loving forever home is with financial help from people in the community,” Paws of War went on to say in their post.

“Paws of War is asking for donations to help cover the costs of bringing this special dog home. They are urgently accepting donations so they can save this dog and help this soldier. Paws of War wants to thank Alamal Foundation for there tireless efforts and Bed and Biscuit Pet Resort for their boarding support for our Heros.”

You can donate to get PupPup home to Seargeant Char here.

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