Adorable Special Needs Dog Ghosted By Potential Adopters And He’s Still Looking For A Family To Call His Own

It’s a rude thing to ghost someone, but to ghost a special needs dog that needs a loving home? That’s a whole new low, and it sadly happened to 9-month-old Jack, an American Bully.

Peaches Bully Rescue stepped in to save Jack, who came to them when his owners weren’t able to provide him with the emergency care he needed.

“Luckily, he did well recovering from multiple surgeries and has mastered a diaper system,” Peaches Bully Rescue explained on their website. “His beautiful coloring and love for following humans around makes him the cutest ever!”

Jack was born with spina bifida, which is a birth defect that happens when the spinal cord and spine fail to properly form.

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