Olivia Munn Asks The Internet To Help Her Catch The Man Who Attacked Her Friend’s Mom In A Hate Crime

A day after Olivia initially asked the internet for help catching the man who attacked her friend’s mom, she shared an update that he was quickly identified and arrested.

Instagram; pictured above is a screenshot Olivia shared from a surveillance camera that captured the man who attacked her friend’s mom

The NYPD said in a tweet, “Yesterday, this incident went viral on social media & the community came through in response, sending a lot of good information to our @NYPDTips hotline. Today, our @NYPDDetectives took that information & apprehended the suspect. Thank you to everyone who lent a hand.#OneNY”

Olivia shared the news on Instagram, saying, “I’m beyond grateful to all of you for caring and posting and retweeting and FINDING THIS GUY!!! I love you all so much.”

Instagram; pictured above Olivia thanks the internet for their help in catching this guy

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