21-Year-Old Murdered In The Parking Lot Of Her Job, Then Strange Texts Are Sent To Her Loved Ones From Her Phone

At 5:31 that night, Savannah pulled her car into the Bonefish Grill’s parking lot right before she was about to start work.

Savannah parked her white-colored Kia right by the car that 28-year-old Lee Rodarte Jr. drove.

Savannah and Lee had been dating sporadically for several months, and Lee also worked at the restaurant as a manager.

A few minutes after she arrived, Savannah opened her door, got out of her car, and talked to Lee before getting into his car.

She never walked into the restaurant to start her shift. Then, her loved ones started receiving strange texts from her phone.

Facebook; Savannah wears a baseball hat in the photo above

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